New charter airline will fly to the Scarlett Martinez


The Scarlett Martinez International Airport, in Rio Hato, Cocle province has attracted another charter airline that will be the third one to travel to that terminal, which is very close to the Pacific beaches. Air Costa Rica, a subsidiary of Air Panama made its first charter flight from the San Jose airport, carrying 89 passengers to that airport on Friday February 9. The Boeing 737-300 with the Costa Rica flag on the tail took off at 11:56 am from Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO), to the Panama beach resort town.

The airline will start regular flights into the Rio Hato airport in June. Despite volatility of the commercial air market in the region, the Air Costa Rica made the decision, at least for the next six months of this year, to focus on charter flights.

Carlos José Víquez, Air Costa Rica’s financial director explained the airline will take advantage of the holiday periods, for example,  Semana Santa (Easter) in April with Easter and the national soccer team qualifying for the World Cup, to transport the Costa Rican team and groups of fans.

“I think that because of the situation in the region, with the startup of several low-cost airlines in the last few months, it provoked a volatile market, that’s why we put the regular routes on hold,” said Viquez.

The airline in the coming months will be taking delivery of its second aircraft to meet the demand for already signed contracts for charter flights to: Cancun (Mexico), Roatan (Honduras), San Andrés (Colombia), Acapulco (Mexico), San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and Mexico City to Peru and Cabos, among others.

Source: The Visitor