Executive Lawyer´s Lunch

 Kirvyn Vargas, Carlos Guevara Mann, Victoria Eugenia Myers, Olmedo Alfaro Preciado, Julio César Contreras III, Miguel Antonio Bernal, José Miguel Navarrete


AROSEMENA NORIEGA & CONTRERAS has instituted a program of keynote speeches which are held periodically during the course of the year at our offices. These speeches have as their principal objective the development and discussion of topics of interest among partners, associates, administrative staff of our firm and invited guests, made up of important personalities of the legal, social and business community of our country.

On August 29, 2019, we received as speaker Eng. Olmedo Alfaro Preciado, CEO of the project Green Rain, who spoke to us about the topic: Why there is a shortage of water in Panama?

The topic was exceptionally well developed by Eng. Alfaro, who presented the main factors that affect the production of drinking water, graphics on the reduction of our forest areas, and the short-, medium-, and long-term consequences that Panama could face.

In addition, Eng. Alfaro explained the progress of the Green Rain Project, which consists in the implementation of a technique called “Sponge Effect”, which is a mechanism to trap the rain during the rainy season and then release it in the dry season, allowing availability of water in streams, rivers and lakes of Panama.